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Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road), それは「法大道路」と呼ばれる金陵東路に位置しています。大通り全体の騎楼式の設計は、通行人のために雨宿りの便利さを提供しています。市内の観光スポットの外灘、豫園、鎮守廟、人民広場、上海博物館などから1キロぐらい離れています。有名な商店街の南京東路と淮海路までも歩いて行けます。ホテルは地下鉄8号線の大世界駅から300メートルぐらい離れています。交通が便利で、各展示館とメルセデスベンツ文化センターに行きます。ビジネス旅行の新しい楽しみをご案内します。
  • Pudong International Airport Shanghaiからホテルまでの距離はどのくらいですか?

    Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road) 空港へ31.4km。

  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)に空港シャトルバスのサービスはありますか?


  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)のチェックイン時間とチェックアウト時間はいつですか?

    チェックイン時間:14:00以降, チェックアウト時間:12:00前です。

  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)にプールとフィットネスはありますか?


  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road) の敷地内にレストランはありますか?


  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)にはブロードバンドまたはWifiがありますか?


  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)は前払いを受け入れますか?


  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)はレジットカードでの決済を受け付けています?


  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)朝食はいくらですか?

    朝食 CNY68/人。

  • Crystal Orange Hotel (Shanghai The Bund Jinling East Road)の宿泊料金はいくらですか?


クチコミ 詳細
  • good life
    The hotel was changed from the old club, which is my favorite style. The hotel is near Yunnan South Road. It's very convenient to eat. The subway entrance is also next to it. The hotel service is good
  • fx512
    The second check-in, good location, downtown. However, the shower was broken and the water temperature was unstable. I changed my room the next day. The checkout efficiency is relatively low, and the water bill is typed incorrectly!
  • e00083590
    There was no disappointing hotel reservation. The location of the hotel is very good. It is very convenient from Pudong to the Bund. The room is very large, the decoration is very distinctive, the washing products are very exquisite, and the husband and children are very satisfied. Especially when they check in, they also give small gifts. The children are very happy.
  • meigaomei123
    It imitates the western style of the old hotel, with revolving stairs, black wood walls and old furniture, but the furniture looks very cheap. After checking in and checking out, I found that the charging line of my mobile phone was left in my room. I called to look for it. The next morning, he called the person in charge on duty again and said he didn't know. After asking, he called me back and said the waiter didn't find out. The waiter left work at 8 p.m. the night before last, and I checked out after 8 p.m. So after I left, the room should not have been cleaned by the waiter, and no one else would check in that night. How could there be no mobile phone line?
  • forestwang2002
    Business trip, big room, old-fashioned structure, clean. It's cost-effective, but the design expectation is gone. It's still a little rustic
  • roland1983
  • cxlaser
    not bad
  • jason4148
  • candymau
  • BOBO meat bun
    It's very good. It's convenient to go all the time. It's also a good location
  • Esa Xu
    Breakfast is too bad, other perfect experiences
  • Alence.Lee
    The room is big and comfortable
  • Lydialiang
    The environment is very good. The stairs of the small western style building are amazing, and the furniture in the room is also western style. If it is a couple travel, more feeling. It's also great to bring your own garden. You can sit and have afternoon tea.
  • joytangym
    Travel, good location, worthy of recommendation
  • liyubin99
    It's very close to the Bund and Town God's Temple. It's convenient to walk for more than 10 minutes.
  • lsw1983
    It's not the first time. It's very convenient. I like it
  • e00148726
    The room is really big, but I feel very empty when I go in. I feel a little scared. In the downtown area, I want a quiet room. It's very quiet. In a word, I won't think about it again
  • m00004624
    Sloppy. The surrounding environment is messy but convenient
  • ecdong
    The location of the hotel is very good, which is more suitable for people who like old European buildings. Overall, it's pretty good, but in terms of cost performance, I prefer a modern hotel with a spacious lobby.
  • lawson
    French rental, hotel style, like breakfast, too general
  • cyifu
    Nice hotel
  • brandywang
    Great hotel, free upgrade of noble room with terrace, hard and soft decoration fully respect history, reflecting the French style, convenient transportation, not far from people's Square and Bund, although along the street, sound insulation is very good, family super like, breakfast is a little simple, can accept, next time will choose here.
  • e00136833
    OK! Good service, good location, good facilities, clean and warm rooms, high cost performance.
  • nana5156
    It's very clean. The sound insulation is good. It's not noisy near the road. The room is very big. Because the pillow is duck down, there will always be a thorn, a little uncomfortable.
  • dearU
    Great hotel, simple and elegant European style, comfortable and warm.
  • lmc2008
    The Hotel is very well located, close to a tourist area. I walked to the Shanghai Museum and others. Yunan Garden metro station is 3 blocks away, which was great. The decoration is marvelous. The breakfast was there but wasn't fabulous. I would stay again if visiting Shanghai for business or pleasure.
  • e00595706
    Nice hotel at a nice place. Very convenient to reach Nanjing Lu with it′s modern areas and lot of stylish areas giving old Shanghai feeling around. Breakfast leaves some room for improvement including cleaniness on the tables equipment. Anyhow - I will come back again.
  • amelielin
    The location is OK, but the subway has to go for a while, the service is also good, and I helped to take a taxi. Just like breakfast.
  • scc0819
    It's a little old Shanghai. It's too small to find
  • lilyfairy
    The hotel receptionist is very friendly! Breakfast on the second floor is OK. Although it is not diverse, it can meet the appetite of business travel. The gate of the hotel is not obvious. There are catering convenience stores in the surrounding commercial street, which is close to the Bund, but the road is very noisy.
  • alice_0518
    The hotel has a very good geographical location, convenient travel, nostalgic architectural style, luxurious decoration, large rooms and good breakfast. The hotel service is very professional and the waiters are well trained. I will choose next time.
  • atao6575
    The first time I took my children to Shanghai, the hotel service was very considerate, especially the front desk staff. They also upgraded our room for free. Great! I'm sure I'll stay again in Shanghai. The feeling of old Shanghai!
  • b3309
  • dowroad
    Pretty good, isn't it
  • Camille1982
    The front desk service was very good! The environment is very comfortable!
  • A-mei
  • risepan
    Yes, look, I take the initiative to take the elderly and children to help me upgrade the suite free of charge. It's not far from the Bund and Nanjing road pedestrian street. It's a sign that is not visible outside the door. It's not easy to find.
  • m75140363
    The hotel hall is very small, but the room layout is very good, European style, compared with the same grade hotel, it should be good
  • jasonwst2008
    Every aspect was very good
  • a-ying
    It's classic, elegant, very textured, great breakfast, excellent location, super fast Internet speed and friendly service. What other good adjectives can I use? Anyway, great! Be sure to come again next time.
  • lilyfb
    I ordered it for a friend
  • ltby822000
    hotel in through-street, only 10 min from peopels square old style good looking, but a little bit dark in appearance the bar in 2F is never populated, wines available only per bottle, which prevents consumation in summary: great location, but no hotel life
  • cocaroll
    Very good. It's near the people's Square
  • lynn_un
    The hotel service is as good as ever. I will stay here next time I go to Shanghai!
  • smilingcady
    Very good, but it's very difficult to find. There's no obvious brand. The entrance to the lobby is also very small. Generally speaking, it's good style. I like it very much. It's suitable for couples
  • e00085040
    The hotel is located in the center of the city, with convenient transportation, quiet in the noisy, clean rooms and warm layout. Compared with hotels of the same grade, it has high cost performance. The waiters were very friendly and recommended the free spa experience of the hotel. They will check in next time.
  • arsenalxiao
    It's a nice surprise that this hotel is so beautiful. Love the bathroom. The bed is very comfortable.
  • Alfred Tan
    The hotel is a renovation of the old buildings, with American style decoration. If you want to experience the taste of old Shanghai, go here. Walking to Xintiandi is very convenient in Huaihailu Road. It's OK to walk a little further to the Bund.
  • baywoo
    I have lived many times, but the price seems to be getting more and more expensive
  • gerryyang00
    The service and environment of the hotel are excellent. My family and I are very satisfied. I will stay next time
  • fairync
    Very happy stay experience, everything is very satisfied with the hotel! fabulous
  • concordcfcf
    Very poor very poor
  • fando
    It's not bad. It's clean and comfortable
  • applered
    It's a very good place to get quiet in the middle of trouble. The sound insulation effect of the room is very good and the bed is super comfortable. I'll choose it next time!
  • benmom
    Great hotel!
  • baobyu
    A casual look, a passing encounter, this time I found you, but you are like the first general rippling heart, recalled the beauty of childhood hometown, looking forward to the next encounter, next time more feelings will gather here. In memory of friendship, in memory of ARI. 2014.6.22
  • evermet
  • dongdong2413
    not bad
  • aron99
    Super satisfied, everything is good, nothing bad
  • lxytf
    Nice room, complete facilities, good service attitude
  • goofyei
    In fact, I only stayed one night. The location is good, and European style is also a bright spot. Unfortunately, although it has been open for a long time, the taste in the room is still very heavy, which is related to the choice of decoration materials.
  • guryan
    I haven't found it for a long time. The front door of the hotel is not obvious. The hot water temperature is a little cold and hot. The service is still very good
  • iamjasonsong
    Not bad. I've lived many times
  • Qiao Yue Zi 0o o0
    Great, great! On the national day, I took my children to Shanghai to experience the Bund and Huangpu River. I used to go to Shanghai. I used to live in Nanjing Road and Hongqiao stadium. This time, in order to make it more convenient to go to the Bund, I found this hotel which is very close to the Bund and has its own characteristics. In fact, there are many similar hotels near the Bund. This hotel is located in the original French rental area, It's the original French style building, with no outstanding appearance, except that the buildings have been built with rain shelters. But the interior of the hotel is very grand, quiet and exquisite. The deluxe suite directly upgraded to us has corrugated thin solid wood floor, chandelier with candle lamp, beautiful European floor lamp and bedside lamp. The bathroom is very large, which is divided into two wash basins and a large bathtub. Breakfast is served in the red bar of the hotel. There are only about 10 tables in total. All kinds of details are very good. The hotel doesn't care about the age of the children at all. Just eat it for free! Stay here next time you come!
  • jetson
    It has its own characteristics. I like it.
  • e00137336
    The hotel environment is good and the supporting facilities are complete, but I don't seem to find a hair dryer. Ha ha, the overall evaluation is excellent
  • Colda
    Although it's in the city center, the streets around the hotel are still narrow, and it's inconvenient for taxis to park